Terms: The coins listed here may have been simultaneously listed on Ebay and/or other similar sites, local classifieds and some may have been offered in the local coins shows, but here you can find them with their lowest listed price, as even the tables at the coins shows have a cost.

Every coin listed here, even the ones from the $5 and $10 bins will have associated unique inventory number - combination of a few letters and numbers.
If you see something that you like, you mark it down and then contact me by e-mail with those inventory numbers and please, do not forget your shipping address.
Once I confirm that the coins are indeed still available, I will send you an e-mail with the total price, shipping included.

BROWN color marks items that have sold and are no longer available. They will be removed after one month or once the buyer confirms that he has received them and is happy with the purchase.

E-mail me, Ian, to order or simply to ask any questions:luitzian

Payments - I will confirm I still have the coin(s) by sending you an e-mail with the invoice, including the shipping.
Then you can pay by sending payment with Wise or PayPal to: luitzian
The Canadian buyers can and it is preferable by me to use E-mail money transfer.

How to pay. I prefer Wise for international payments and E-mail money transfer for domestic ones in Canada.
I also accept Paypal but with surcharge of 3% due to their attrocious exchange rate and fees.

Why you should use Wise.com (formerly TransferWise.com) for payments in currencies other than your own.
With Wise you pay about 4% less than you would with PayPal. Also, the recipient gets almost 4% more
PayPal charges a much higher fee for international sales by using a very poor exchange rate, which costs you 4% extra.
Wise.com charges only the midmarket rate plus a small fee. 
That's way I now pay abroad with Wise (Their site:  https://wise.com/ ). 
They give a much better rate and much lower fees.  And if you like to travel abroad you can also get their free bankcard and have access to the local ATMs and currency.
Wise takes a bit to set up, but once you have paid a particular firm ot person the second time is very easy. And you will feel good paying less, giving the seller the full amount.
Wise incurs no "wiring fee." Foreign auction firms will remove any such charge for that from your invoice.
If you try to pay anyone already in their system, unclick "I know their bank details". Their name and email address is enough. 


I live in Canada (huge country) and shipping is very expensive!
Unexpensive coin(s) ot lot of coins with weight under 100g and value of up to $30CAD can be shipped at your own risk for CAD$2.50 in Canada and CAD$4.00 to the USA using Canada Post.
No tracking, insurance or any other options here.

Everything else - heavier and thicker package, more expensive coins and for all internationa shipping I will be using a third party shipper.
Their site:  https://stallionexpress.ca/pricing/ 
You can get an estimate from there. Just use "ON" for Ontario as origin. Keep in mind to pick a "tracked" option. There could be additional charges for coverage and for our HST tax of 13%

Questions? e-mail me, Ian, at:  e-mail

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