Nice ancient coins, offered by Luitzian Coins 

Thank you for visiting our site.This is the place to be, if you want to buy some inexpensive roman coins, other ancient coins and even some modern coins, mostly Canadian. My coins are in nice condition, inexpensive and all cost usually much less than $500 CAD. We also have bargain bins with ancient coins priced at $5 CAD and $10 CAD. 

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Prices are in Canadian dollars in brackets: [$xx].

Important: This is not a fancy site with shopping cart and other bells and whistles. We do our sales via the old fashioned e-mail. The coins listed here may have been simultaneously listed on Ebay and/or other similar sites, local classifieds and some may have been offered in the local coins shows, but here you can find them with lowest listed price, as even the tables at the coins shows have a cost.

Every coin, listed here, even the ones from the $5 and $10 bins will have associated unique inventory number - combination of a few letters and numbers. If you see something that you like, you mark it down and then contact me by e-mail with those inventory numbers and please, do not forget your shipping address.
Once I confirm that the coins are indeed still available, I will send you an e-mail with the total price, shipping included.

To order, or simply to ask me questions, write me, Ian, at:  
(I am in Canada on Standard Eastern time, so please keep this in mind while waiting for the reply e-mail)

BROWN color marks items that have sold and are no longer available. They will be removed after one month once the buyer confirms that he has received them and is happy with the purchase.

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Please compare prices with those on acsearch and vcoins and any other sites you use.

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